Hauraki Plains Rural Show 2013

Calf Club Section


Champion of Champion Calf Beef – Joseph Ruff

R & E McDuff Trophy

Reserve – Bond Family Trophy - Lauryn Bond


Champion of Champion Calf Dairy – Vanessa White

Ngatea Milking Machines Trophy

Reserve – Tyler Silvester  


Champion Ayrshire Dairy Type – Helena Challis

Peter Davison Memorial Trophy


Champion of Champion Lamb – Breanna Baker

Heather Taipari Trophy

Reserve – Brianna Costain


Champion of Champion Kid – Rochelle Lind 

Waitakaruru Boarding Kennels Trophy

Reserve – Nathan Thomlin

Young Handler Champion - Joanna Fowlie

 Ngatea Jersey Trophy

Reserve - Celine Pirie

LIC Ribbon – Beckie Brown




Champion Leading –  Vanessa White

Hauraki A & P Association Trophy

Reserve – Alesha McQuiod  

Champion Beef Rearing – Sophie Fyers

Don Armstrong Cup

Reserve - Lauryn Bond  

Champion Dairy Rearing Light Breed – Lily Maitland

Hauraki A & P Association Trophy

Reserve – Kacie Silvester  

Champion Dairy Rearing Heavy Breed – Kennidy Jenkins

Alison Green Trophy

Reserve – Josh Barker 

Champion Beef Type – Lauryn Bond

Hauraki A & P Association Cup

Reserve – Joseph Ruff 

Champion Type Light Breed – Alex Mitchell

Hayward Family Trophy

Reserve –  Kacie Silvester 

Champion Type Heavy Breed – Gabrielle Leonard-Hansby

Hull Family Trophy

Reserve – Tyler Silvester 

Young Handler

Leading - 1st Joanna Fowlie

Dairy Type - 1st Celine Pirie

Presentation and Handling - 1st Joanna Fowlie




Champion Lamb Leading – Breanna Baker

Hauraki A & P Association Trophy

Reserve –  Benjamin Mason 

Champion Lamb Calling – Lara Thompson

Patterson Contracting Trophy

Reserve – Abbey Gibson 

Champion Lamb Rearing –  Breanna Baker

Paton Family Trophy

Reserve – Nathan McQuoid




Champion Kid Leading – Summer Davis

Sutherland Trophy

Reserve –  Asheigh Tanner 

Champion Kid Calling – Nathan Thomlin

Laser Electrical Ngatea Trophy

Reserve – Kashella Bax 

Champion Kid Rearing and Handling – Megan Lind

Glenn and Hanna Steen Trophy

Reserve – Rochelle Lind